Office 365 Setup | Office 365 Performance And Practices Review
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Office 365 Performance And Practices Review


Office 365 Performance And Practices Review

You realize that your IT provider has indeed hooked you up with the all-new Office 365, but you are not someone who knows all about it as soon as you set it up. It is agreeable that it would indeed take some time to learn all about it. In this guide, I have listed out the top 10 Office 365 practices that every Office 365 administrator should indeed know. The best practices are actually and primarily focused on SharePoint, Groups, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams workloads and therefore it may differ when you are primarily using one of the workloads in the Office 365.

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Here is a list of some good practices that every admin should know.

  • You should enable the Office 365 multi-factor authentication. This one would indeed be a no-brainer. For every install, it is not exactly turned on by default. Office 365 has the multi-factor authentication, and that would add an additional layer of security as it is indeed more difficult for, potentially an attacker to make sure that they do not compromise on multiple authentication factors. You can actually enable and furthermore enforce MFA for all the users. There are also multiple methods of how users can indeed authenticate, and this includes a mobile app and also text message and calling as well. For all the applications that do not support MFA, you can indeed create app passwords. MFA also works flawlessly and perfectly with Microsoft Office. Web browser can also use it when you connect to Office 365. The best kind of practice is to actually make sure all of your users who are privileged have MFA properly enabled; this should also be including Global Admins. However, you should actually be considering having an account that could still log when MFA is down so that you can easily and temporarily disable the services.
  • Configure the Office 365 Company branding. Company branding has actually been known to allow you to customize the default Office 365 login pages with the company branding and also the images as well. One of the main reasons is that your user will feel secure that they are actually on the right page where they are actually supposed to enter the credentials as opposed to the same fishing page.


  • You should redirect the Windows common folders to OneDrive for Business. The end-users love to actually store some important documents to the desktop of even the documents folder. The IT departments have also struggled with the same situation for a very long time indeed.
  • Make sure that you enable mobile application management for OneDrive, as well as SharePoint.
  • You should understand and also configure for external sharing.


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