Office 365 Setup | How To Properly Migrate To Office 365
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How To Properly Migrate To Office 365

Office 365

How To Properly Migrate To Office 365

The amazing thing about Office 365 is that I is completely located and it lives only on the cloud; therefore, it is unbelievably flexible. You can even retrieve and migrate small trail periods of data to Office 365 and then figure out what might actually go wrong when you really migrate the entire data storage and your entire organization. You should actually sign up for an Office 365 trial right now. The trial that I am talking about is actually free, and you will indeed be able to explore the product in just a matter of minutes.

You should know that in that past it was indeed difficult to gain access to the enterprise software like SharePoint, because it actually ended up taking a long time for a tech person to set up the environment. This tech person would have had to find the hardware and also the running software, and then they would have to install the operating system with the all supporting software and then finally SharePoint.


The process of assigning as well as activating the licenses will indeed vary, slightly and it all would depend on whether you are using the P plans or the E plans. To add the licensing, you will indeed need to add the users to plan by making sure that you click the ’users’ tab. You start the process by adding a user, and you do this by selecting the New User button from the Ribbon of the Users screen. As you walk through the wizard, you are actually asked to enter the information like the users and the last name, as well as the administrative rights which the user should indeed be assigned to.

One of the best and most visible aspects of the Office 365 implementation is indeed the migration of the email data into the online systems. If you want to begin a migration, you will indeed be using the email migration page. You can also easily access that page by clicking ‘Manage link’’ which you would find under the ‘Exchange Online’Online’ section which would be on the main Office 365 page.

After the migration is complete, the user email will indeed be available in the Office 365 system. A lot of other tools as well as partners are indeed available to assist the complete email migration, and you can actually find these resources in the Office 365 marketplace. It has been made evident that Office 365 is a really great piece of technology, and we should all make sure that we use it carefully and wisely as well. Microsoft has indeed worked hard for it, and we should use it well.

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